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SA8TM AmwayTM Concentrated Fabric Kneader

SA8TM AmwayTM Concentrated Fabric Kneader

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What are the features of Amway Concentrated Softener?

  • With natural softening agents that restore the "feeling of freshness", leaving clothes smelling fresh and washed.
  • does not leave residues, so you can use it in towels and nappies and they will keep the entire absorption in the same.
  • Softens the fibers, making the ironing easier.
  • Reduces tissue damage by promoting durability of clothes.
  • powerful in concentrated use, you only have to add 10ml per 4.5-5kg load of laundry in the machine.
  • Suitable for machine wash, hand wash and tumble dry.
  • Free of phosphates, chlorine, dyes, EDTA and NTA.
  • Tested by dermatologists and allergists.

What do you get when you buy this fabric softener?

By purchasing this item, you are purchasing a 1L bottle of Concentrated Softener from Amway.

How to use Amway Laundry Softener?

Machine wash:
  • Adds 10ml per 4.5-5kg of laundry load.
  • Add a little water from the machine's dispenser.
Hand wash:
  • Add 5 ml to 10L of water, in the last passage of washing water.

Washing Care

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