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Item Close Pop-in

Item Close Pop-in

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Do you want to avoid stains on your clothes or keep the dry baby while eating? This is what these Close Parent Pop-in bibs are for, which by the way they make pandan with the diapers of the same brand. Babies look beautiful!

This bib is designed for when the baby starts to be fed with the first solids, or if you do baby led weaning, because it can be folded and create a pocket that helps contain falling food.

What are the characteristics of Close Parent bibs?

  • Easy to place, it has two neck adjustment springs so grows with your baby;
  • Easy to wash and clean, it is stain resistant;
  • AND reversible! You choose the side you want to be visible to everyone ;)
  • You can pass a damp cloth to clean it and when necessary it goes to the washing machine along with the rest of the clothes
  • you can fold and secure with the side pegs to form a pocket, this also makes the bib higher or lower depending on your needs
  • Waterproof fabric and machine washable at 40°C

What do I get when I buy these Close Parent bibs?

By purchasing this item. you are buying one (1) Pop-in Bib (Close Parent) in your chosen color.

What is the fabric of these Close Parent baby bibs?

  • 100 polyester laminated with TPU.

How to wash baby babetes?

Always check the manufacturer's label before washing your bibs Close Pop-in.

  • Wash at 40ºC – 60ºC in your washing machine;
  • Do not use a dryer;
  • Do not dry clean or iron;
  • Do not use bleach, additives or fabric softeners.

Washing Care

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