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Disana Wool and Silk Kneading Discs

Disana Wool and Silk Kneading Discs

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A disc that combines softness and natural properties of two fabrics that help your skin heal from chapping and allow your skin to breathe to prevent nipple cracks: merino wool and raw silk.

Characteristics of Disana nursing pads

Wool absorbs excess breast milk into its fibers allowing the skin to stay dry between feedings.

Raw silk, which has no treatments, cools and soothes irritation resulting from breastfeeding. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of silk provide natural recovery from any redness.

What do you get when you buy Disana nursing pads?

When you purchase Disasa's reusable nursing pads you receive two (2) Raw Silk Nursing Pads | Wool | Raw Silk (Choose the size in the option in the article)

What fabric are Disana nursing pads made of?

  • 100% organic wool.

A là pura and Disana:

    • It is naturally anti-bacterial, self-cleaning and absorbent (absorbs up to 30% of its weight);
  • 100% of it crua

And this crua:

    • This shit;
    • it is smooth to the touch;
    • Soothes the skin and prevents inflammation.

How to use Disana nursing pads?

To use your discs, you just have to place them inside your bra. When they are wet, you can let them air out or rinse them with water.

Whenever you can, let your chest air dry before putting on the discs.

How to wash reusable woolen nursing pads?

Pure wool is easy to care for by following the care label instructions.

  • Hand wash at 30ºC;
    Do not soak, rub, brush or wring. Simply submerge in water, massage the wool and rinse with plenty of water;
    Place on top of a towel and roll to remove excess water;
    Return it to its original shape and let it dry naturally lying down;
  • Do not use bleach;
  • Dry cleaning allowed;
  • Do not use a tumble dryer.

Washing Care

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