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Disana waterproof mattress protector

Disana waterproof mattress protector

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Are you always afraid that your baby or your child will wet the bed and ruin your mattress?

You can opt for disposable pads, but this is a reusable option that you can use and wash without creating waste and saving you money in the long run.

Characteristics of the reusable cover for Disana mattress

The mattress protector doesn't let anything through thanks to a layer of breathable plastic inserted between two layers of cotton.

  • Very soft to the touch, you can use it in direct contact with the skin if you need;
  • The combination of cotton fibers pure in this shelter makes him extremely resistant and durable. I can confirm the durability because we have one at home in daily use since 2012.
  • Resistant to machine washing at 90º.
  • Available in two sizes:
    • Size 1: 50x70cm, fits inside the crib, can be used as a changing table
    • Size 2: 70x90cm, it is the ideal size to be used in a large crib or a single bed

What do you get when you buy the Disana mattress cover?

By purchasing this item you are buying one (1) mattress protector for Disana in the chosen size

What is the fabric of the cover for the Disana mattress?

The Disana pad is made of two layers of 100% organic cotton and between the layers is a waterproof polyurethane film.

Pure cotton:

  • it is skin-friendly, soft and smooth to the touch;
  • it is comfortable for the skin;
  • absorbs a lot of moisture;
  • it is easily washable and very durable.

How to use the Disana reusable pad?

Just wash and place between the sheets and the mattress. You can even use it as a changing mat or to protect the car, etc.

How to wash the Disana mattress pad?

Cotton is easy to care for by following the care label instructions.

  • Machine wash up to 90ºC;
    Reduce the speed of your washing machine and use a mild detergent, without fragrances or additives and which is environmentally friendly.
  • Do not use bleach;
  • Iron if necessary (No. 3 = 220ºC);
  • Do not dry clean;
  • You can go to the dryer. If possible at low temperature.

Washing Care

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