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Disana Ox-Gall Soap

Disana Ox-Gall Soap

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Do you see that stomach ache when you see your favorite wool item with a stain you know won't come out?

This natural detergent removes stains from delicate fabrics without damaging them.

The Gall Soap it is a very old soap, a medicine of the grandmothers that removes stains that detergents or shampoo they can't take it out.

This bile soap can remove stains from wool and silk;

Use: This detergent is not vegan.

What do I get when I buy this ox-gall soap?

By purchasing this item you are buying one (1) package of Ox-Gall Soap There.

Each pack of this Disana wool soap is made up of:

  • One (1) 200ml soap bottle

How to use liquid Gall soap?

Apply directly to blemishes.

Disana's Gall soap is concentrated, so a few drops are enough to remove organic stains from delicate fabrics.

Washing Care

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