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Mother ease

Mother ease nursing pads

Mother ease nursing pads

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Do you need something to absorb excess milk while breastfeeding or to go out without wetting your bra and clothes?

It is with this objective in mind that breastfeeding discs exist.

Mother ease nursing pads absorb while keeping you dry and, as they have a conical shape, they fit your breast very well.

Characteristics of Mother ease nursing pads

  • the layer outside is waterproof, preventing your clothes from getting wet
  • Discreet with conical shape, sitting comfortably between your chest and bra
  • It has a layer to give you the feeling of dry skin and feel more comfortable
  • Each pack consists of 3 pairs of disks with 12cm in diameter approx.

Remember to change discs regularly so that you are always dry. Usually 2 to 3 pairs of discs are enough to use in one day.

What do I get when I buy the nursing pads Mother ease?

By buying this item you are buying one (1) pack of three (3) pairs of Mother ease nursing pads.

What is the fabric of nursing discs Mother ease?

  • Layer in contact with the skin: 100% polyester;
  • Hidden absorbent: 82% cotton, 18% polyester;
  • Outer layer: 100 polyester laminated with TPU;

Made not Canada

How to wash nursing pads

When you receive your discs, wash them before using them for the first time.

They are easy to wash, you can add them to your washing machine following the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Can be washed at 60ºC
  • Can be tumble dried at low temperature
  • do not iron
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener

Washing Care

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