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Reusable diaper extender Baba+boo

Reusable diaper extender Baba+boo

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Babies are always growing, and some diapers grow with them. When the diaper doesn't grow enough, add this Diaper Extender Baby+boo so you can use that diaper for a little while longer.

What are the features of the Baba and Boo Diaper Extender?

  • Allows increase diaper size in the belly, lengthening its wearing time;

  • add 10cm extra to the waist of the diaper;

  • deeds of same material as diapers Baby+boothey are also gentle on the skin and machine washable;

  • Each pack includes an extender for each side (left and right) that is placed directly on the diaper using the existing clips;

  • These extenders are compatible with all diapers of molas Baby+boo

What do I get when I buy this Baba+boo extender?

When you buy this item you are buying 1 pack of extenders Baby+boo in the selected color.

Each pack of extenders consists of:

  • 1 extender for the right side of the diaper

  • 1 extender for the left side of the diaper

How to use the Baba+boo diaper extender?

  • add the extender on each side, in the diaper zipper

  • Use the extender to close the diaper, adjusting correctly to the size of the baby

Washing Care

Verifica sempre a etiqueta do fabricante antes de lavares os teus extensores Baba+boo.

Lava a 40ºC – 60ºC na tua máquina de lavar;

Não uses máquina de secar;

Não laves a seco e não passes a ferro;

Não coloques lixívia, aditivos ou amaciadores.

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