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Fluffy Organic & Eco

Hygienic Reusable Daily Fluffy Organic & Eco

Hygienic Reusable Daily Fluffy Organic & Eco

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Did you know that switching from disposable to reusable pads do you avoid vaginal infections?

One So simple change that protects your health while protecting the environment. And by the way, you will also no longer have diaper rash caused by disposable pads.

What are the features of Fluffy Organic&Eco's reusable panty liners?

  • Made in organic cotton (layer next to the skin);
  • No waterproof layer, so your skin breathes normally;
  • Soft, comfortable and chemical free;
  • As they are breathable, they avoid unpleasant odors caused by plastics and chemicals in disposables;
  • With two positions to be able to close the pad around your panties, so you can adapt to looser or thinner panties.
  • Available in 4 different sizes:

 Use: How are handmade in Portugal, slight imperfections may be noted that do not compromise its effectiveness in any way.

What do I get when I buy the patches daily and Fluffy Organic&Eco?

reusable panty liners Fluffy Organic&Eco are sold individually, in the color of your choice.

What is the fabric of these pads daily reusable?

  • Upper: 100% organic cotton
  • Bottom Layer: 100% cotton

Article manufactured in Portugal.

How to use reusable panty liners?

Reusable pads are easy to use. The feeling you get is that the pad is part of your underwear and you don't feel it because it's made of fabric and not plastic.

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Using and changing a reusable pad is similar to wearing and changing a disposable pad:

  • Wash your pads before first use;
  • Put the pad in your underwear with the colored pattern in contact with the skin, and next to the underwear the fabric with the label. Close the spring by adjusting the width of your underwear;
  • Change as you need;
  • When you have to change the reusable pad, it's like disposables: you take the pad off and close it over itself. The difference is that instead of going to the trash, you put your pad in a waterproof bag or next to your dirty towels/clothes. Outside the house, you can be with you a small waterproof and reusable bag to hold your dirty pads until you get home;

And just so you don't have skin problems, the pads are for personal use and shouldn't be used by other people. If you're not the only person using them at home, the trick is to use different pads. Each person can have a different color, pattern or even a brand.

How to wash reusable pads?

Always check the manufacturer's label before washing your reusable panty liners Fluffy Organic&Eco.

  • Always try that your panty liners are not washed for more than 3-4 days.
  • Wash at 40ºC in your washing machine with your usual detergent;
  • Do not use bleach, additives or softeners.
  • You can tumble dry at low temperature;
  • Do not dry clean;
  • Do not iron;

Use: Natural fabrics need at least 3-5 washes to reach their maximum absorbency.

Washing Care

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