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Imse Vimse

Imse Wool and Silk Nursing Pads

Imse Wool and Silk Nursing Pads

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Prevents milk leaks with a reusable nursing disc. You know what I'm talking about, that circular stain across the chest on your shirt? :)

These ImseVimse discs are made of wool and silk, this helps your breasts to be at the ideal temperature and prevents mastitis.

Remember to change discs regularly so you don't have leaks.

Features of ImseVimse nursing pads

Nursing pads protect the breast, absorb excess milk while keeping the breast at the right temperature and allowing the skin to breathe. By keeping the breast at the right temperature, you avoid clogging of the mammary ducts. Silk and wool make these discs comfortable and smooth for breasts that are sensitive or break easily.

The discs are composed of two layers of merino wool and a layer of knitted silk. They are very soft and comfortable inside the bra.

  • Pear shape size: 19x14cm
  • Round Shape Size: 10cm or 14 cm in diameter

What do you get when you buy ImseVimse nursing pads?

By buying this item you are buying a (1) pair of ImseVimse discs in chosen shape and size: pear-shaped or round

What fabric are ImseVimse nursing discs made of?

  • lã merino e it.

Article manufactured in Europe.

This item is certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class 1.

How to use ImseVimse nursing pads?

To use your discs, you just have to place them inside your bra. When they are wet, you can let them air out or rinse them with water.

Whenever you can, let your chest air dry before putting on the discs.

How to wash reusable woolen nursing pads?

Pure wool is easy to care for by following the care label instructions.

  • Hand wash at 30ºC;
    Do not soak, rub, brush or wring. Simply submerge in water, massage the wool and rinse with plenty of water;
    Place on top of a towel and roll to remove excess water;
    Return it to its original shape and let it dry naturally lying down;
  • Do not use bleach;
  • Dry cleaning allowed;
  • Do not use a tumble dryer.

Washing Care

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