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Imse Vimse

Vimse Biodegradable Disposable Liners

Vimse Biodegradable Disposable Liners

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When you take off a diaper are you always afraid of what you'll find?

If you have put a disposable paper liner in the diaper from ImseVimse, when your baby poops, you just have to remove the paper and put it in the trash or in the toilet. As simple as that: in a second, the complicated part is solved.

What are the features of ImseVimse disposable paper liners?

Biodegradable paper liners from ImseVimse they should be placed in the diaper next to your baby's skin.

  • Packaging 100% plastic free
  • made from wood pulp, which is a paper highly resistant
  • Size: 19.5 x 28cm
  • after used must not be flushed down the toilet, as they may cause problems with your plumbing. As they are biodegradable, you can put them in a compostor. If you don't compost, you can put it in the dustbin normal.

What do I get when I buy ImseVimse paper liners?

By buying this item you are buying one (1) roll of ImseVimse Paper Liners.

Each roll of Paper Liners from ImseVimse it's composed by:

  • one hundred (100) biodegradable sheets of size 19.5 x 28cm

What is the material of ImseVimse roll liners?

  • 98% wood pulp + 2% polyester

Made in Sweden.

How to use disposable paper liners in cloth diapers?

protective linings, liners or fleeces in diaper language, they must be placed between the diaper and the baby's bottom.

These paper liners can be used in any kind of reusable diapers.

After using it, you should always rule out the liner in the rubbish bin or, in the case of this paper liner, you can also put it in the composter. Never flush this paper liner down the toilet.

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