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Popolini Solid Lanolin

Popolini Solid Lanolin

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 Lanolin is a natural fat produced by sheep and is used to waterproof woolen items.

You can use it on wool diaper covers, wool clothes, and silk and wool clothes.

What are the characteristics of Popoloni Solid Lanolin?

100% pure lanolin, without additives or preservatives - the best way to lanolize your woolen items.

This lanolin is soft and thick, ideal for lanolinizing.

    What do you get when you buy Popolini Solid Lanolin?

    By purchasing this item, you are purchasing one (1) 150g package of Popolini Solid Lanolin.

    Made in Germany.

    How to use Solid Lanolin?

    • Melt a small nut (the equivalent of a chickpea) of lanolin in a little warm water with the help of a few drops of delicate soap or a emulsifying cube and stir until dissolved;
    • Place this white mixture in a container with warm water;
    • Add your already washed and damp woolen covers;
    • Soak for approximately 15 minutes (overnight maximum);
    • Do not go through water;
    • Remove excess water carefully with the help of a towel;
    • Dry the lying piece of wool.

    Washing Care

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