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MamIdea Breastfeeding Pads

MamIdea Breastfeeding Pads

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  • 1 pair of MaM nursing pads with pocket and pads in chosen size and color


  • Alternative to disposable nursing pads
  • Unique, with pockets to add absorbency for the night or cold weather;
  • Bamboo is a natural anti-bacterial and very soft to the touch, wool is waterproof and highly absorbent. MaM discs allow the breast skin to breathe, and maintain temperature, which can help increase circulation and prevent mastitis.
  • Wool resists smells, and due to their particular shape they fit perfectly to the bra.
  • 97% merino wool and 3% nylon for added durability
  • Extra pads: 100% bamboo viscose.
  • Place the pad inside the pocket;
  • Place the disk inside the bra.

See manufacturer's instructions on the label.

  • Machine washable up to 30°C

Washing Care

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