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Planet Wise

Large Waterproof Bag for Balde Planet Wise

Large Waterproof Bag for Balde Planet Wise

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As soiled cloth diapers must be stored dry and in a bucket that allows air to circulate. Why? Brief and simple explanation if you close them hermetically the smell of ammonia intensifies and the pee and poop start to ferment.

NEVER leave dirty diapers to soak! (yes in capital letters so you don't forget). This was an indication in the past, it's not an option it's a warning, if you leave dirty diapers to soak, you create a perfect environment for bacteria (and other bugs) to breed.

How to store dirty reusable diapers?

Easy. In a bucket with reusable dry bag. If you have to soak a diaper in water, squeeze it very well before putting it in the bucket. When the bucket is full or after 2-3 days it's time to wash. He takes the bag with the diapers and goes to the machine, at the machine door he opens the bag and pushes the dirty diapers into the machine, at the end, he also puts the bag.

Features of reusable cloth diaper pail bag

What makes this bag different? This bag is the only bucket bag on the market that is not only sewn but sealed! You can put super wet diapers, bathing suits, towels, or anything wet because these bags don't let anything through! (Condensation can occur in the same way as a plastic garbage bag).

Manufactured with a polyurethane laminate (PUL) that is anti-microbial and inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.

About Planet Wise Special Seams

Most waterproof fabrics, when they are sewn together, leave tiny holes in the fabric which causes the liquid to leak out over time. After much research, Planet Wise Inc found a way to seal the seams so that no liquid leaks through the seams. And it is this seam that the brand uses in all waterproof bags.

How many waterproof bags do I need for my cloth diapers?

At least one size mini and one size medium. If you are going to wash your diapers every 2-3 you will need these bags:

  • do you need 2 waterproof bucket bags; To store dirty nappies at home, you can also opt for a hanging bag. These bags are always washed along with the diapers. That's why you need two, because one is always washing/drying;
  • do you need 2 medium size waterproof bags; The medium-sized bags allow you to take your diapers on the go or to nursery; You need two because while you use one bag the other will be being washed or dried;
  • do you need 1 mini size bag; In the mini bags you can take your reusable dry or wet wipes on a walk; If you use your wipes always wet, it's like having disposable wipes, that is, always ready to use. Remember that as they are always damp, you always have to wash them regularly whether they are used or not. This means that every 3 days at the most you will put your wet wipes to wash along with the diapers.

What do you get when you buy the Planet Wise bag?

Upon purchase, you receive one (1) Planet Wise Waterproof Bucket Bag in your chosen color.

What is the fabric of Planet Wise reusable bags?

The fabric is PUL, which is a waterproof fabric.

Planet wise bags are manufactured in the United States.

How to wash the waterproof bag?

You can wash your waterproof bag together with your cloth nappies:

  • Machine wash in warm water;
  • You can use a tumble dryer at low temperatures;
  • Do not use bleach or additives.

Always check the manufacturer's instructions.

Washing Care

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