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Capa Fecho Lateral Vento Popolini

Capa Fecho Lateral Vento Popolini

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A capa Vento da Popolini tem side zipper and is breathable, compatible with any diaper fitted, pre-folded, muslin, etc..

Features of the Popolini Vento cape

Covers are two-piece diaper systems, and the cover is the waterproof part of your diaper. This cover by Popolini is a cover that allows you to adjust the opening of the leg and waist independently and simply:

  • Snap closure at waist and leg. The springs are placed in such a way that you can open and close the leg without being uncomfortable in the waist. This type of clasp is great for babies with chubby legs.
    • There are two clips on the waist and three clips on the legs that you can tighten independently..
    • In size S, the springs close differently, ie like a normal front closure, from outside to inside. Check out the images to see the difference.
  • waterproof cover to use with any reusable diaper. It is great to use with fitted or bulky diapers;
  • double groin to contain explosions of liquid poop;
  • cover by sizes, sizes are important in the newborn phase, after 15kg or when you can't get a good fit with single sizes;
  • The edging is smooth and non-marking. In case of a brand, take a look at the tip I leave you below.

Popolini Vento cape sizes

  • S – 3-6 kg
  • M – 5-10 kg
  • L – 9-15 kg
  • XL – 14+ kg
Mom's tips for using this reusable cover
  • You don't need to wash it after each use. Just let it dry and use it again, if it gets dirty with poop you should put it in the wash.
  • We recommend passing solid lanolin (sheep wax) into the seams to seal the seams and smooth the piping.

What do I get when I buy the Popolini Vento diaper cover?

By buying this item you are buying One (1) Vento Popolini reusable diaper cover in chosen size and color.

What are the fabrics and materials of the Popolini Vento cover?

100% polyester laminated with PUL (polyurethane).

Made in Europe.

How to use the cover for Vento reusable cloth diapers?

  • Before use, wash the cover once;
  • Put absorbency inside the cover or on the baby;
  • Place the cover over the diaper and close it.

You can use the same cover 2-3 times before putting it in the wash. Interchange the covers that you have in use and air them out between uses. If it gets dirty with poop, you should put it in the wash right away.

How to wash cover for reusable cloth diapers?

Before washing, refer to the manufacturer's washing instructions.

  1. Cold rinse;
  2. Wash in warm water up to 60ºC, add the recommended amount of detergent for the size of the laundry load;
  3. Cold rinse;
  4. Tumble dry at low temperature or hang directly in the sun (avoid strong sun).

Washing Care

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