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Sensual Intim

Intim Sensual Menstrual Cup Sterilizer

Intim Sensual Menstrual Cup Sterilizer

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Simple, quick and effective cleaning of your menstrual cup? Yes, it is possible! And you only need this menstrual cup sterilizer Intimate Sensuality and some water!

What are the characteristics of the Sensual Intim Sterilizer?

This sterilizer Intimate Sensuality is indicated for sterilizing your Eureka! menstrual cup, but can also be used with other menstrual cups.

  • the easiest way to sterilize your menstrual cup at the beginning and end of each period;
  • material malleable it's from Long term;
  • easy to pack, as the sterilizer is compacted inside the lid
  • Takes up little space when stored, you can easily take it with you on trips;

What do I get when I buy the Sensual Intim Menstrual Cup Sterilizer?

By purchasing this item, you are purchasing One (1) Sensual Intim Sterilizer.

Each sterilizer Intimate Sensuality it's composed by:

  • One (1) sterilizer with lid
  • one (1) pamphlet with instructions for using and caring for your sterilizer

What are the materials of the Sensual Intim sterilizing cup?

  • 100% medical silicone
  • Free of BPA, latex, chemicals or other derivatives

How to use the sterilizer?

Check the instructions that came with your sterilizer Intimate Sensuality before the users.

  1. Fill the sterilizer with water without reaching the hard edge;
  2. Put your menstrual cup on. In case it's Eureka! place with the tube bent inwards;
  3. Place in the microwave with the lid open for 2-3 minutes. Be careful when removing so you don't burn yourself;
  4. it's soon to use or store until the next period!

Remember that you should always sterilize your menstrual cup at least before using it the first time each period and at the end of each period before storing it until the next time.

Washing Care

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