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Ulrich Wool Shampoo with Lanolin

Ulrich Wool Shampoo with Lanolin

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Wool is a delicate piece of clothing and therefore you must have a specific detergent to wash these items. This one shampoo for wool Ulrich with lanolin it's what you're looking for to take care of your capes or any other woolen clothing you have.

Natural wool fibers are sensitive to high temperatures, friction and especially to strong chemicals and, therefore, they must be washed with specific detergents that help to take care of them and to protect wool so you can use it longer.

What are the features of Ulrich shampoo with lanolin?

Ulrich detergent is gentle and helps to prolong the life of your wools.

  • mild detergent, wash and care for your wool;
  • With active washing substances, like coconut oil and lactic acid, clean your wool without damaging it;
  • Contains a small percentage of lanolin (15%), which helps maintain the protective layer of your wool in the wash;
  • You can use the detergent between lanolizations, whenever you need to wash your woolen covers;
  • Size: 250ml

What do you get when you buy Ulrich wool detergent?

By purchasing this item, you are purchasing a pack of Ulrich Lanolin Wool Detergent.

Each pack of wool shampoo Ulrich it's composed by:

  • a 250ml bottle of wool shampoo with lanolin

If you choose to pack Outside the preferred consumption date, the functioning of the article is not changed.

How to use Ulrich wool detergent?

Ulrich Wool Detergent has a small amount of lanolin, but it should not be used to lanolize your wools! It can be used every time you wash your wools, so that they are always taken care of.

  • Dissolve 35ml in 10L of warm water
  • Normally wash delicate wools according to the manufacturer's instructions and then soak them in diluted Ulrich's solution for 3-4 hours. Rinse again with clean water at the end.

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