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Disposable Liners Popli Box Viscose Popolini

Disposable Liners Popli Box Viscose Popolini

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When you take off a poopy diaper are you always afraid of what you'll find? If you put a liner biodegradable disposable in your diapers you no longer have the nightmare of having to rinse it with water. If the diaper has poop, discard the liner in the toilet or in the trash, if there's only pee, put the liner to wash along with your diapers. That simple!

What are the characteristics of Popolini disposable box liners?

  • A disposable protective liner to use with every diaper change. This version of liners Popli is for more consistent poops, that is, after food introduction. You liners Popli for the breastfeeding phase are here.
  • Packing is a paper box
  • The paper is reusable, that is, you can wash it together with the diapers in the machine and use it again. Just getting dirty with poop you have to discard. Allows an average of 4/5 uses until it loses its capacity - as soon as it breaks, it is a sign that it is no longer resistant and it is time to discard it.
  • Biodegradable and chemical-free, this paper helps protect the diaper cloth from creams and poo, making it easier to pre-wash diaper care.

Although they are biodegradable, avoid flushing them down the toilet. In this way, you help the WWTPs in the treatment of water. Discard as much poop in the toilet and the rest in the trash can.

What do I get when I buy a box of liners from Popolini?

By buying this item you are buying One (1) Popolini Popli Box Viscose box.

Each box Popli Box Viscose Popolini it's composed by:

  • one hundred (100) Viscose Popolini Disposable Liners

What is the material of these Popolini disposable liners in a box?

  • Viscose, 80% biodegradable.

Responsible Origin, FSC C119298.

Article manufactured in Europe.

How to use disposable liners in cloth diapers?

It's easy, just put the liner over the diaper and adjust the diaper to the baby.

The important part and a saving tip for your cloth diapers:

  • When your baby poops, always discard the liner. Discard as much poop in the toilet and the rest in the trash can.
  • When your baby only pees, you can put the liner in the bucket along with the diapers and wash for reuse. When they start to undo it's time to discard.

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