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Reinforcement Bamboo Booster Slim Baba+boo

Reinforcement Bamboo Booster Slim Baba+boo

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Pad size isn't everything :) A booster adds the necessary absorption so that your diaper lasts another 1 hour without increasing the volume of the reusable diaper.

Baba and boo's slim bamboo booster is made with the same fabric as famous original baba and boo pads. The difference is that the slim version has two layers of fabric.

It's because? Because when you have to put 3+ pads on, you compromise comfort and cause leaks due to compression (when you put too many pads inside a diaper). The slim absorbent is thin and you can use it together with both original absorbents from any reusable diaper without adding bulk or compromising your baby's comfort.

The extra pads (booster) allow you to customize the absorbency of your nappies so you can use them for longer.

What are the features of Baba and boo slim bamboo pads?

  • Absorbent until in bamboo to reinforce any reusable diaper;
  • Fast and high absorption achieved with the combination of bamboo and microfiber;
  • Size:
    • Newborn: 13x30cm approx;
    • One Size: 13x35cm approx.

What do I get when I buy Baba+boo slim bamboo pads?

By buying this item you are buying One (1) Slim Bamboo Pad by Baba + Boo.

What are the fabrics and materials of Baba and boo slim bamboo pads?

80% bamboo + 20% polyester.

Designed in the UK and made in China.

How to add absorbency to a cloth diaper?

Baba+Boo's bamboo slimb pads can be placed inside any diaper. You can wear it inside your pocket, in the middle of your favorite fit or in direct contact with your baby's skin.

How to wash pads for reusable diapers?

Pads can be washed along with your nappies.

As this article is made of natural fabrics, it is recommended to wash it a few times before use. Natural fabrics take 5-10 washes to reach maximum absorption and being a natural fabric after washing it may shrink a little.

Please check the manufacturer's label before washing the diapers.

  • Cold wash. Maximum 60ºC;
    Do not use additives, fabric softener or diaper creams.
    Use the amount recommended by the detergent manufacturer;
  • Dry on a clothesline or in a tumble dryer at low temperature;
  • Do not iron;
  • Do not dry clean.

Washing Care

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