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Fralda All in One Heavy Wetter Best Bottom line

Fralda All in One Heavy Wetter Best Bottom line

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Do you think reusable nappies are too complicated? Does your baby pee too much and you think it won't work? A Best Bottom is attentive to your needs and has created this All in One diaper Heavy Wetter - simple to use and with a total of 8 layers of absorption!

The entire inside of the diaper is lined with a double layer of bamboo viscose and you can even add the extra absorbent with 6 more layers of absorption. Your baby will be able to play or sleep peacefully and so will you! And there's still a layer of no-pill fleece to keep the skin feeling dry. Your baby's bottom will be happier than ever! :)

What are the characteristics of this All in One Best Bottom diaper?

In addition to being all-in-one, this diaper is also one-size-fits-all. Can be used day or night.

  • Unique size, from 4.5kg to more than 18kg (approx.);
  • As springs can be used to adjust height as well as width. In case it is necessary, the two side tabs overlap to adjust even better to your baby at the beginning of the weight range;
  • the diaper sits below the navel line, that's why it has elastics in the front to lower the adjustment;
  • It has double reinforcement in the wet area and anti-leakage PUL strips. inside the diaper both on the tummy and on the back, they avoid pee leaks and also poop explosions;
  • The entire inside of the diaper is lined with two absorbent layers in bamboo viscose, so you have absorption throughout the diaper;
  • O one-size-fits-all absorbent adds 6 layers of bamboo viscose, to get the absorption boost you need when your baby pees a lot;
  • The absorbent has a coating in no-pill fleece, which gives dry skin feeling to your baby;
  • When you wash the diaper, you can separate the absorbent by the springs and your diaper will dry faster;
  • Soft PUL outer coating makes the diaper fully