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Cotton Stay Dry Pack-2 Capri Blueberry

Cotton Stay Dry Pack-2 Capri Blueberry

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A bird-eye cotton pad, a very absorbent fiber to be used with the diaper cover Capri or with another diaper, as an extra absorbent.

Features of the Capri absorbent for reusable diapers by Blueberry

The Capri pad is a 100% birdeye cotton multi-layer pad. Half of the pad has microfleece allowing you to choose between a pad that is always dry (stay-dry) or a pad that is completely natural in contact with the baby's skin.

These pads are ultra-absorbent and ultra-flexible. The long, flexible design allows for quick and easy drying.

Perfect to be used with diaper covers Capri from Blueberry or with any other diaper as an extra absorbent.

What do I get when I buy this Blueberry tampon?

By purchasing this item you receive a pack with two units of Capri pads in the chosen size,

What is the fabric of Blueberry capri pads?

  • birdeye layers: 100% cotton;
  • Microfleece layer: 100% polyester.

Made in the USA

How to use Blueberry Capri pads?

Use as an absorbent inside the covers Capri or as an extra absorbent in pocket diapers, fitted diapers, etc.

Diaper covers are the waterproof part of your reusable diaper system. So you can use it in two ways:

  • Place the padding on the diaper and then the set on the baby


  • Put the diaper on the baby and then put the cover over it

Don't forget to adjust the height of the cover if necessary.

How to wash cover-type reusable diapers?

Diaper covers do not need to be washed after each use. As long as they don't contain feces, you can let them air out and intersperse between seedlings. If you use this system you only need 4-6 covers in total to complete your stock :)

Please check the manufacturer's label before washing the diapers.

  • Cold wash. Maximum 60ºC;
    Do not use additives, fabric softener or diaper creams.
    Use the amount recommended by the detergent manufacturer;
  • Dry on a clothesline or tumble dry at low temperature;
  • Do not iron;
  • Do not dry clean.

As this diaper is made of cotton, it should be washed a few times before use. Natural fabrics take 5-10 washes to reach maximum absorbency.

Washing Care

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