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Blueberry Training Briefs

Blueberry Training Briefs

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Potty training is a time when the baby gains independence and we need to keep them comfortable and safe. It is a phase where are you afraid of getting your car dirty, or if you don't have more clothes to change if you are out of home. It is at that time that training underpants help you. A training underwear has a small absorption, a waterproof layer and do not confuse the baby because it looks like underwear.

Features of the Blueberry Reusable Training Underwear

Blueberry training briefs are designed to make the baby who wears them feel like real briefs. In every carelessness, you will feel wet.

They have an inner layer of cotton velvet and a hidden absorption layer and PUL for waterproofing. These panties will do their job by "catching" baby's little carelessness.

These briefs are partially waterproofed so they are not recommended to be worn overnight.


  • Size S: 10-13kg approx;
    • Waist: 35-50cm approx;
    • Cocha: 23-30cm approx;
    • Hook: 35cm approx;
  • Size M: 11-16kg approx;
    • Waist: 38-55cm approx;
    • Cocha: 25-35cm approx;
    • Hook: 39cm approx;
  • Size L: 14.5-19kg approx;
    • Waist: 40-61cm approx;
    • Cocha: 28-40cm approx;
    • Hook: 43cm approx;

What do you get when you buy the Blueberry Training Pant?

By purchasing this item you receive Blueberry training underwear in chosen size and color

What is the fabric of the Blueberry training briefs?

  • 80% cotton / 20% polyester;
  • Absorbent: 80% polyester / 20% nylon;

Made in USA

How to use reusable training underpants?

Wear it like normal underwear. Whenever the baby pees, change.

How to wash reusable training underwear diapers?

Please check the manufacturer's label before washing the diapers.

  • Cold wash. Maximum 60ºC;
    Do not use additives, fabric softener or diaper creams.
    Use the amount recommended by the detergent manufacturer;
  • Dry on a clothesline or in a tumble dryer at low temperature;
  • Do not iron;
  • Do not dry clean.

Washing Care

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