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Buttons Diapers

Night Reinforcement Microfiber Buttons Diapers

Night Reinforcement Microfiber Buttons Diapers

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This pads are made to be used with Buttons Diapers pads. They have clips to attach to other pads and therefore it is not easy to use with other diapers.

You can use this absorbent to reinforce your Buttons Diapers diaper to use when peeing is high, which are usually naps and at night.

What are the features of the Buttons Diapers Microfiber Night Reinforcement?

This absorbent is tailor-made for be used with absorbents Buttons Diapers so that you create a diaper for night use, a reusable diaper Snap in One.

  • A pack with two pads;
  • Made with 6 layers in microfiber for quick absorption;
  • has springs to tuck under Buttons Diapers day pads;
  • anatomical shape in hourglass shape for added comfort in the leg area;
  • Available in three sizes and they all fit the one size fits all case:
    • S: for newborn babies up to 6 months with 3.1-6.8kg approx and measure 27.9cm approx.
    • L: for baby in phase one size up to 2 years with 6.8-11.3kg approx and measure 33cm approx.
    • XL: for older babies with 11.3-18+kg approx and measure 38cm approx.

Please note that this absorption booster serves to complete Buttons diapers day pads and therefore does not have a stay dry layer..

What do I get when I buy this Buttons Diapers microfiber overnight booster?

By buying this item you are buying (1) pack of two Buttons Diapers microfiber inserts for the night.

Use: This pad is made to be used in conjunction with pads Buttons Diapers.

What is the fabric of the Buttons Diapers microfiber nightstand?

  • 70% cotton + 30% organic cotton

Produced responsibly in China.

How to wash reusable cloth diapers?

Removing the baby's diaper removes as much feces as possible and removing the pads before placing them in the bucket. The bucket must be ventilated and dry until the diapers are washed. Don't forget to wash your diapers every 2 days in summer and 3 in winter.

Please check the manufacturer's label before washing the diapers.

  • Removes solids before washing;
  • Wash every 2-3 days in warm soapy water.
  • You can tumble dry at low temperature;
  • Do not use bleach, additives or softeners.

Use: natural fabrics need at least 3-5 washes to reach their maximum absorbency.

Washing Care

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