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Charlie Banana

Hybrid Pocket Diaper AIO Organic Charlie Banana

Hybrid Pocket Diaper AIO Organic Charlie Banana

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Do you understand reusable diapers? and that this diaper Does it have a strange name, is it hybrid, pocket or all in one (AIO)?

the diapers Charlie Banana are pocket diapers. Now is it understood? :)

The question is that the design of the diaper is made so that you can also use it as an all-in-one hybrid diaper. That is, a diaper with an eco-disposable pad that you use and then discard.

Charlie Banana is named after the brand's creator's youngest son, Charlie, and was one of the first one-size-fits-all diapers I used for my son when he was born. It starts to fit early because it has a patented internal adjustment that allows you to adjust the diaper perfectly to your baby's body.

Take a look below and I'll tell you everything I know about this diaper.

Characteristics of the Organic Charlie Banana diaper

  • Fully customized height size adjustment; You adjust the diaper to your baby's size with internal tapes;
  • soft organic cotton in contact with your baby's skin;
  • big pocket for put on pads easily;
  • The diaper grows with your baby, this diaper unique size: 3-16kg aprox.;
  • Includes two pads in hemp and cotton;

How to adjust the size of the Charlie Banana diaper?

Adjusting this diaper is like adjusting a bra, only easier because it has an indication of the measurement :)

Como ajustar os elásticos da fraldas reutilizavel charlie banana Como ajustar os elásticos da fraldas reutilizavel charlie banana Como ajustar os elásticos da fraldas reutilizavel charlie banana

Here you have some help so that you can quickly adjust the size of the ribbons. When you're watching the tape, you'll find the S, M and L several times. If you use them in the same "order of appearance" you'll create a different size:

  • XS: 0-6 months;
  • S (1st level): 6-8 months;
  • S (2nd level): 8-12 months;
  • M (1st level): 12-15 months;
  • M (2nd level): 15-18 months;
  • L (1st level): 18-22 months;
  • L (2nd level): 22-26 months;
  • L (3rd level): 26-30+ months;

What do I get when I buy Charlie Banana Reusable Diaper?

By buying this item you are buying (1) Charlie Banana Organic diaper one size in chosen color.

What is the fabric of the Charlie Banana reusable diaper?

  • Exterior: 100% polyester laminated with PUL;
  • Interior (in contact with your baby): 100% organic cotton;
  • Absorbents:
    • Upper: 55% hemp + 45% cotton;
    • Bottom: 88% bisconstituent fiber (80% polyester + 20% Nylon) + 12% polyester.

Produced from China.

How to use the Charlie Banana reusable diaper?

Charlie Banana's reusable diaper is in essence a pocket diaper that, due to its format, can also be used as an all-in-one hybrid diaper. Confused right?

Let's simplify. After adjusting, you choose to use it as you prefer.

How to use the diaper Charlie Banana: A Pocket Diaper
  • Before use, wash the diaper once;
  • Adjusts the height of the diaper to the size of the baby;
  • Select the configuration of the pad you want to use and put it in your pocket;
  • Close the diaper, using the best fit possible.
How to use the diaper Charlie Banana: An All-in-One Hybrid Diaper (AIO)

In Portuguese sff! A reusable diaper is only hybrid because it has a biodisposable option.

To use Charlie's nappies as an AIO, all you have to do is slip a bio-disposable pad inside your pocket and you're done! You have an all in one diaper :)

If you want it to be fluffier, the brand recommends that you put one of the pads in your pocket to make it more comfortable for your baby.

How to wash reusable pocket-type or hybrid diapers?

Removing the baby's diaper removes as much feces as possible and removes the pads before placing them in the bucket. The bucket must be ventilated and dry until the diapers are washed. Don't forget to wash your diapers every 2 days in summer and 3 in winter.

If you use a disposable pad, discard it, it cannot be washed ;)

Before washing, refer to the manufacturer's washing instructions.

  1. Cold rinse;
  2. Wash in lukewarm water at a maximum of 40°C. Add the recommended amount of detergent for the size of the laundry load;
  3. Cold rinse;
  4. You can tumble dry at low temperature or hang directly in the sun.

Note: If the diaper is made with natural fabrics, it only reaches its maximum absorption capacity after washing and drying it 3-5 times.

Washing Care

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