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Absorbent Organic Cotton Pack-5 Distinct

Absorbent Organic Cotton Pack-5 Distinct

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Can you imagine your baby with a velvet fabric protecting her delicate skin? These brushed cotton pads are just like that: soft!

Characteristics of Disana organic cotton pads

During the manufacture of these pads, the fabric is lightly brushed, making it soft and velvety. Also, as the fabric has been slightly raised, its wicking surface is larger and its ability to absorb moisture is increased.

You can use this soft fabric in direct contact with your baby's skin:

  • Use as an extra absorbent directly in contact with your baby's bottom;
  • Use as a burping blanket;
  • Use as a bib;
  • Use as reinforcement inside diapers.

What do you get when you buy Disana muslins?

This Disana pad pack contains 5 brushed organic cotton pads 40x40cm.

What is the fabric of Disana pads?

100% organic cotton.

Pure cotton:

  • it is skin-friendly, soft and smooth to the touch;
  • it is comfortable for the skin;
  • absorbs a lot of moisture;
  • it is easily washable and very durable.

How to use Disana pads?

Creativity is your scene:

  • Use as a pre-fold on a newborn baby;
  • Fold the pad into a narrow band and use it as a pad inside Disana Knitted Diapers or inside any other diaper;
  • Use as a booster in your diapers at night;
  • How do you want to use it?

How to wash Disana pads?

Pure cotton is easy to care for by following the care label instructions.

  • Machine wash up to 90ºC;
    Reduce the speed of your washing machine and use a mild detergent, without fragrances or additives and which is environmentally friendly.
  • Do not use bleach;
  • Iron if necessary (No. 3 = 220ºC);
  • Do not dry clean;
  • You can go to the dryer. If possible at low temperature.

Note: natural fabrics only reach their maximum absorbency after 3-5 washes. As long as they don't wash/dry that number of times, use them for a short time to avoid leaks.

Washing Care

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