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Disana wool shampoo

Disana wool shampoo

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Do I need my own detergent for your wools? You wool detergents are specific and protect the delicate wool fibers so you can use them for a long time.

What are the features of Disana wool shampoo?

The fiber structure of natural wool is sensitive to high temperatures, friction and especially strong chemicals. For this reason the There created this detergent that helps protect the delicate fibers of wool.

This detergent is soft and adjusted to the ph of the wool, which is slightly acidic, preventing the wool fibers from getting tangled up during the wash.

This packaging is concentrated, and you can use it to hand or machine wash. With one cap you can wash 2-3 layers of wool.

Need to wash other delicate fabrics like silk? You can also use this shampoo on silks.

What do you get when you buy Disana wool detergent?

By purchasing this item, you are purchasing a pack of Disana wool detergent

Each pack of wool shampoo There it's composed by:

  • a 250ml bottle of wool shampoo

If you choose to pack Outside the preferred consumption date, the functioning of the article is not changed.

How to use this detergent for wool?

In the washing machine:

  • 15ml (1/2 cap) per washing machine;
  • Wash woolen items only in lukewarm water (25°C);
  • Do not centrifuge.

Wash the hand:

  • 5ml for every 4l of water;
  • Wash in warm water (25ºC);
  • Do not squeeze or rub woolen items, simply massage and remove soap.

Washing Care

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