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Lã Engel's cape

Lã Engel's cape

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Is the wool warm? When you have this wool cape in your hands, you'll change your mind.

Engel's fleece reusable diaper covers are thin, so thin they even show when they're new.

They are 100% breathable and cool for hot weather. And at night? Only if you have a good fitted diaper with enough absorbency for the amount of peeing your baby does.

What are the features of the Engel reusable fleece diaper cover?

  • Suave merino wool in contact with your baby's skin;
  • does not mark because it is fully elastic;
  • Breathable, as wool allows your baby's skin to breathe even while wearing the diaper;
  • Thermoregulable, because wool keeps your baby's body temperature stable;

This diaper has three different sizes:

  • Size 62-68 cm (3-6 months approx.)
  • Size 74-80 cm (6-12 months approx.)
  • Size 86-92 cm (12-24 months approx.)

What do you get when you buy an Engel fleece cover?

By buying this item you are buying One (1) Engel fleece cape in the chosen size.

What is the fabric of the Engel wool covers?

100% merino wool.

Made in Germany.

How to use a reusable fleece cover?

Pure wool is self-cleaning, so you don't need to wash it with every use. Wear it like a normal piece of clothing and over your diaper. When you change the diaper, remove the wool cover, turn it over and let it air for a few hours until the next use. Therefore, it is advisable to have several wool covers to alternate between diaper changes.

The frequency of lanolization varies depending on the use of the cover and the acidity of the pee, normally every 4-6 weeks.

How to lanolize a wool cover?

The lanolize process is easy and fast. In this process, you replace lanolin, natural sheep fat, with the fibers of your cover and make it waterproof. You can also do this with your woolen garments.

How to wash Engel wool covers?

Pure wool is easy to care for by following the care label instructions.

  • Hand wash at 30ºC;
    Do not soak, rub, brush or wring. Simply submerge in water, massage the wool and rinse with plenty of water;
    Place on top of a towel and roll to remove excess water;
    Return it to its original shape and let it dry naturally lying down;
  • Do not use bleach;
  • Dry cleaning allowed;
  • Do not use a tumble dryer.

Wool covers only need to be washed every 4-6 weeks or as needed.

Washing Care

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