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John Iobio long pants

John Iobio long pants

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your baby usually stay with cold legs during the winter? If you're here it's because. Protecting the body is easy, but it's not always easy find a piece that also protects the legs and keeps them at a stable temperature. You Long Jhons and youth combine the thermoregulatory properties of wool as in silk smoothness to keep your warm baby in cold weather.

Features of Long Johns tights youth

  • Good fit with the elastic ultra soft on the waist;
  • has the natural softness give it;
  • Wool+silk fabric works like a second skin keeping the baby's body at a stable temperature;
  • Compatible with cloth diapers; It can work as an additional waterproofing layer.

What do you get when you buy this item?

By purchasing this item you receive iobio "Long Johns" underpants in the chosen size and color.

What is the recommended size of Long Jhons iobio tights for your baby?

The sizes of the Long Johns iobio are marked for the height of the baby:

  • 86/92 cm: 12 - 24 months;
  • 98/104 cm: 2 - 3 years old;
  • 110/116 cm: 4 - 5 years old;
  • 122/128 cm: 6 - 7 years old;

What is the fabric of the iobio baby thermal pants?

Thermal inner tights from youth are composed of 70% merino wool non-mulesing e 30% of it, fabrics with GOTS certification.

These thermal pants are made in Europe.

How and when to use thermal pants on the baby?

In the winter always use it as your baby's second skin and put your favorite clothes on top. The wool will act as a temperature protective barrier your baby's body.

washing instructions

A pure wool is easy to care for following the instructions on the article label.

  • To wash machine in gentle cycle for wool at 30°C or by hand at 30ºC;
    Do not soak, rub, brush or wring. Simply submerge in water, massage the wool and rinse with plenty of water;
    Place on top of a towel and roll to remove excess water;
    Return it to its original shape and let it dry naturally

Mom's tip for buying woolen items :)

the woolen articles no need to wash after each use. Wool cleans itself, can be aired between multiple uses as long as it is not soiled with milk, faeces, etc.

If you are still not convinced, these are some of the advantages of woolen items: no need to iron! Wool returns to its original shape if you leave it straight. Drying in the correct position helps, but if it was bent, don't worry, stretch the piece and it will return to its place by itself.

Washing Care

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