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Soap with Lanolin Popolini

Soap with Lanolin Popolini

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Soap with lanolin to wash and lightly replenish lanolin in woolen covers and clothing.

What are the characteristics of Popolini lanolin soap?

  • Can be used on all types of wool
  • Reinforces lanolin in the areas where you need it (pee or stain areas).
  • Ideal for preventing stains on wool garments and maintaining the natural waterproofing of wool.
  • solid soap of 100 gr

What do you get when you buy this soap with lanolin?

By purchasing this item, you are purchasing a 100gm package of soap with popolini lanolin.

    What are the ingredients in Popolini lanolin soap?

    • > 30% soap (no palm oil), 1-5% vegetable glycerin

    Made in Germany

    How to use soap to wash wool and replace lanolin?

    • Moisten the wool with warm water.
    • Pass the soap across the entire piece of wool.
    • Masseur wool to wash. For thorough cleaning, use a lanolin-free soap.
    • Apply the soap to the areas where the pee is or where you want it. reinforce lanolin.
    • To spend The piece by water.
    • Drain using a towel and dry so as not to deform the pieces.

    Washing Care

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