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Super Undies

Children Hero Undies Super Undies

Children Hero Undies Super Undies

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Bed wetting is not that uncommon.. Same by the age of 7, one in ten children has this difficulty. It's totally normal. It's not good to make them feel like they have a problem to solve. Everything has time, and of course, seek medical help to guide you along this path.

What it is one of the ways to help them? normalize the situation and wearing waterproof underwear that looks like underwear and not a diaper.

15% of children* who ditch diapers and switch to reusable waterproof underpants reduce the number of times they wet the bed in the first two weeks of use. This increases your child's self-esteem!
* Data from Super Undies.

What are the characteristics of the Hero Undies underwear?

Hero Undies briefs are double waterproof and combined with pads Hero Insert, are what the child needs to sleep well and start to gain more confidence in himself.

  • A reusable underwear that mimics normal underwear. Imagine how your little one feels when he sees underwear and not a diaper.
  • As side flaps are waterproof and have a soft fabric (fleece) to prevent leakage for side sleepers;
  • No side vents what prevents breakouts;
  • Outside of underwear waterproof fabric;
  • To have absorption it must be used together with the absorbent Hero Insert, getting with 5 layers of absorption;
  • When in contact with the skin, it has a layer that gives dry skin feeling;
  • The underpants are unisex, as the format fits comfortably in both boys and girls.

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What I get when I buy the Super Undies waterproof underwear?

By purchasing this item, you are purchasing One (1) Hero Undies Underwear in the chosen size and color.

Each Cueca Hero Undies gives Super Undies it's composed by:

  • One (1) Super Undies Hero Undies Underwear
  • One (1) Super Undies Hero Insert pad
!!NOTICE!! This item is sold in pre-order
  • Our stock in large sizes is limited, you can confirm in the item and in the shopping cart if we have the item available immediately;
  • If the item is not immediately available, we accept the pre-order;
  • After we receive your order, delivery time can be up to 6-8 weeks. You can email us at any time to confirm your expected delivery date;
  • As it is an item purchased on pre-order, the colors may change depending on the manufacturer's production. If the color you chose is not available, we will always contact you to confirm the exchange for another color;
  • If you wish to cancel your order after payment has been made, and subsequent request to the supplier, a fee of 25% of the total value of the pre-order items will be charged.

What is the fabric of this Super Undies Hero waterproof underwear?

  • Outer layer: PUL;
  • Absorbent:

Made in the USA.

How to use Undies Waterproof Underwear?

  • Before using it for the first time, don't forget to wash your underwear at least once;
  • Check the position of the pad so that the child is comfortable throughout the night:
    • In girls, the absorbent must be opened so as to cover the entire underwear, to have absorption in the middle of the underwear;
    • In boys, the absorbent must be folded in the front so that the absorption is on the front of the panty. However, adjust this method as is most convenient for the child.
  • Wear the Hero Undies Underwear like regular underwear;
  • After using, put to wash:
    • If you have poop, remove it in the toilet before washing it. This task is easier if you use a protector in your underwear, such as the People Box Viscose
    • In case you use a protector disposable, check its instructions:
      • If you have poop, you should discard as much as possible in the toilet and put the protector in the trash can;
      • If you only have pee, you can put it in the wash along with your underwear. When they start to undo it's time to discard;

How to wash a Waterproof Underwear?

Always check the manufacturer's label before washing your Hero Undies in the Super Undies.

  • Prepare the Underwear to be washed as soon as you remove it: in case it has feces, remove as much as possible in the toilet;
  • If you have extra protector or pad, separate it before putting the diaper in the machine;
  • Wash every 2-3 days at 40ºC – 60ºC in your washing machine;
  • You can tumble dry at low temperature;
  • Do not dry clean;
  • Do not iron;
  • Do not use bleach, additives or softeners.

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