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Absorbent Cotton Stay Dry Thirsties

Absorbent Cotton Stay Dry Thirsties

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This pad in organic cotton give your baby the dry skin feeling and you can place it inside any diaper and in direct contact with your baby's skin.

Features of Thirsties Stay dry cotton pad

  • the top layer gives your baby the feeling of dry skin; PYou can combine this absorbent with your pre-folded or muslin pads in direct contact with your baby's skin and thus convert them into stay-dry diapers (always dry).
  • Easy to use, you just have to put this pad inside your diaper. You can also use it as an extra absorbent in pre-folded or muslins to give that dry skin feel, or as an extra absorbent in your pocket diaper or fitted diaper for the night.
  • Made with 4 layers of certified organic cotton; natural fabrics have a longer lifespan than synthetic ones and are not prone to bad odours;
  • Each set includes 3 pads;

Thirsties Always Dry Pad Sizes

  • Size S: 0-9 months / 3-8 kg - 12x30cm approx.
  • Size L: 9-36 months / 8-18kg - 13x35cm approx.

Mom tip?

Extra pads are your best friend when using reusable cloth diapers. Usually you only need them for the night or naps. So always have 3-4 on hand for when you need to reinforce your diapers.

What do I get when I buy the absorbent Stay dry organic cotton by Thirsties?

By purchasing this item you receive One (1) set of Stay dry organic cotton Thirsties pads in the chosen size. Each set has three pads.

What is the fabric of the absorbents Stay dry organic cotton Thirsties?

This absorbent has two parts:

  • Upper absorbent: a stay dry layer (always dry) in 100% polyester fleece;
  • Bottom absorbent: 4 layers of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton

Thirsties manufactures its diapers and products in the USA.

How to use an extra pad in a reusable diaper?

  • Before use, wash it at least once;
  • Place the absorbent inside your diaper;
  • Now, put the diaper on the baby;
  • When it's dirty, it changes everything :)

How to wash reusable cloth diapers?

Please check the manufacturer's label before washing the diapers.

  • Cold wash. Maximum 60ºC;
    Do not use additives, fabric softener or diaper creams.
    Use the amount recommended by the detergent manufacturer;
  • Dry on a clothesline or in a tumble dryer at low temperature;
  • Do not iron;
  • Do not dry clean.

Important this absorbent is made with natural fabrics, only after several washes, 3-5, will it be at its maximum absorption capacity. To avoid leaks, while it still does not have maximum absorption, use it at a controlled time or for a short time.

Washing Care

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