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Capa Duo Wrap Molas Thirsties

Capa Duo Wrap Molas Thirsties

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A diaper cover waterproof your diaper reusable favorite and can be used with your favorite absorbent diaper: absorbent, muslin, pre-folded or fitted.

You can use this cover overnight with cloth diapers adjusted and during the day you can use it with pre-folded or the absorventes Duo da Thirsties that are made to measure.

For night or if your baby pees a lot combine this cover with pre-folded hemp from the same brand and hemp is the most absorbent fabric there is.

If you like everything about this diaper, except the snap closure, check out the version Duo Wrap Velcro.

Thirsties Duo Wrap Case Features

  • Made with PUL flexible and breathable;
  • Easy to use, adjusts in height with springs and at the waist you can opt for velcro or springs; The version with velcro closure has flaps to close the velcro and protect it when washing;
  • Your baby's tummy is always dry because the cover has a front opening to fit your pads;
  • Little volume and double crotch to contain pee leaks and poop explosions;
  • Grow with your baby so you only need two sizes from birth to potty training;
  • Can be used with absorbents Duo da Thirsties or with any other diaper absorbents;

Duo Wrap Thirsties Cover Sizes

This cover is available in three sizes:

  • Size 1: 3-8 kg / 0 -9 months
  • Size 2: 8 - 18 kg / 9-36 months
  • Size 3: 18-30kg / 3-7 years old

What do I get when I buy diaper cover for diapers by Thirsties?

When you buy this reusable diaper cover you receive One (1) Duo Wrap Thirsties sleeve in size E cor chosen by you.

What is the fabric of this diaper cover?

  • Shell: 100% PUL polyester;

Made in USA

How to use a reusable diaper cover?

  • Before use, wash the diaper at least once;
  • Check that the height is the most suitable for the size of your baby;
  • Now it's time to put the pads inside the cover or the diaper on the baby.
  • Place the cover + diaper set on the baby and close the snaps at the waist.

Thirsties Duo Insert

How to wash covers for reusable diapers?

Diaper covers do not need to be washed after each use. As long as they are not dirty (do not contain poop) you can let them air out and intersperse them between seedlings. If you use this system you only need 4-6 covers in total to complete your stock ūüôā

Please check the manufacturer's label before washing your Duo Wrap covers from Thirsties.

  • Wash at 40¬ļC - 60¬ļC in your washing machine with detergent for heavily soiled clothes;
  • Do not use a dryer;
  • Do not dry clean or iron;
  • Do not use bleach, additives or fabric softeners.

you want learn more about how to wash your diapers so they don't smell bad? Take a look at this post I prepared for you where I explain in detail how to wash your reusable cloth diapers.

Washing Care

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