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Liner Reusable Stay Dry Fleece TotsBots

Liner Reusable Stay Dry Fleece TotsBots

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The purpose of a fleece, lining protector, in a reusable cloth diaper is to keep your baby's skin dry.

This "always dry skin" thing in general is more of an industry myth than a necessity. But of course, there are babies with very sensitive skin that you need to use all the time fleece.

You fleeces are useful for:

  • Protect diapers from creams;
  • use in night diaper;
  • In babies who are very uncomfortable with a wet diaper;
  • For help take care of the poop.

In case you prefer a biodegradable disposable option peep here.

What are the features of the TotsBots Fleece Reusable Diaper Liner?

  • Keep your baby's skin completely dry;
  • They fully allow the passage of pee to the diaper;
  • Sizes:
    • One size: 14x33cm approx.
    • newborn size (Fleece liner tiny): 10x20cm aprox.
  • Easy to use, if you have pee, wash it with the diapers. If it has poop, you remove it in the toilet and you can rinse it with water if necessary.

Mom tip?

These fleeces are great for the time when you need to use creams because they prevent the diapers from getting covered with the cream.

And if you have poop, it's easier to get it out of the lining than the diaper. Even because, if you have to remove the poop and rinse it with water, it's better that it's just the lining Liner or Fleece than the diaper. Remember never to rinse your diapers in water unless absolutely necessary.

What do I get when I buy the Fleeces and Totsbots?

By buying this item you are buying one (1) pack of Fleeces da TotsBots whatever size you choose..

Each pack of reusable liners Fleece and TotsBots it's composed by:

  • ten (10) Fleeces reusables by Totsbots

What is the fabric of Fleece Reusable Liners? and Totsbots?

  • 100% polyester.

The fabrics that TotsBots uses have certification OEKO-TEX®, that is, they are free of harmful chemicals for your baby's skin.

A TotsBots manufactures its diapers in United Kingdom.

How to use a protective liner in a reusable diaper?

protective linings, liners or fleeces in diaper language, they must be placed between the diaper and the baby's bottom.

You fleeces and TotsBots are wide and ideal for use in reusable diapers of all kinds.

How to wash reusable diaper liners?

Always check the manufacturer's label before washing your Reusable Diaper Liners Fleece and TotsBots.

  • Start by preparing your liners for washing when you change the diaper: you remove as much poop in the toilet and you can rinse it if necessary.
  • Wash every 2-3 days at 40ºC - 60ºC in your washing machine with detergent for heavily soiled clothes;
  • You can tumble dry at low temperature;
  • Do not dry clean;
  • Do not iron;
  • Do not use bleach, additives or softeners.

Washing Care

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