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Absorbent Bamboo Bamboozle TotsBots

Absorbent Bamboo Bamboozle TotsBots

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One bamboo absorbent to be used with cover Bamboozle Wrap da TotsBots. This absorbent converts your cover into a SIO diaper (Snap in one), in a click with springs and you can use them together or separately.

The springs hold the pads inside the cover and stay in place.

The secret of this absorbent? With each change, you only change the inside of the diaper.

That's exactly what you're thinking, SIO systems are cost-effective, because they reduce the absorbent/layer ratio. For each layer, you need 3-4 sets of pads. Remember that if the cover gets dirty with poop, you really have to put it in the wash.

What are the features of Totsbots Bamboozle bamboo pad?

A set of pads, two in all, take the pad at the same time.

  • customize absorbency your diaper with this absorbent:
    • Light absorption: use the small absorbent, contains 210ml;
    • Medium absorption: use the medium absorbent, you can keep 270 ml;
    • High absorption? Uses both pads together for a combined capacity of 480ml
  • The springs in the absorbent are compatible with the capa Bamboozle Wrap and with the Fitted Bamboozle: Cores or Natural
  • Fast drying, because the absorbents are separated and there are fewer layers of fabric together;
  • have certification OEKO-TEX®, i.e, no toxic chemicals come into contact with your baby's skin
  • One of the most popular diaper systems economic, 3-4 pads for 1 layer

Mom tip?

During the day you can use this absorbent directly on the Bamboozle Wrap cover. At night or in times when you need more absorption, use one of the adjusted Bamboozle.

When using with the diaper adjusted, place this absorbent attached to the diaper springs, placing the original absorbent above or below it.

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What do I get when I buy the set On Bamboozle Pad Totsbots?

By purchasing this item you will receive a set of Bamboozle pads (1 small + 1 medium) in the chosen pattern/color.

What is the fabric of Totsbots pads Bamboozle?

  • 80% Radius of bamboo
  • 20% polyester.

Made in Europe (UK).

How to use this pad in a Bamboozle Wrap diaper cover?

Before use, wash it at least once with hot water and detergent.

  • Attach the absorbent to capa Bamboozle Wrap with the springs.
  • If you want, to help you remove the poop when changing the diaper, you can put a liner biodegradable or fleece reusable. In this case, make sure that they remain inside the absorbent and that there are no leaks onto the cover.
  • Put the set on your baby;
  • When you need to change, check if the cover is dirty:
    • If the cover is not dirty, just change the pads and put the diaper back on. You can do this up to 3-4 times before you need to change the whole set.
    • If the cover is dirty, you have to change the whole set.

How to wash reusable diapers?

Pads can be washed along with your nappies.

Always check the manufacturer's label before washing your pads Totsbots.

  • Wash every 2-3 days at 40ºC – 60ºC in the washing machine with detergent for heavily soiled clothes;
  • You can tumble dry at low temperature;
  • Do not dry clean;
  • Do not iron;
  • Do not use bleach, additives or softeners.

Use: Natural fabrics need at least 3-5 washes to reach their maximum absorbency.

Do you want to know more about how to wash your diapers so they don't smell bad? Take a look at this post I prepared for you where I explain in detail how to wash your reusable cloth diapers.

Washing Care

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