• Are you sure what's in contact with your baby

    Cloth diapers do not have a list of chemicals harmful or not listed. You choose the fabric you want in contact with your baby's delicate skin

    Choose a diaper pack 
  • Your baby is comfortable

    Are 4-5º C cooler than disposable diapers thanks to air circulation. And by shape and volume protect the hip joint of your baby.

    Is the volume of diapers bad? 
  • You control the €€ you spend on diapers

    no surprises, no worries as budget monthly. You always have diapers available and you can save between 1200 and €1500 for the first baby.

    How much does it cost to wear diapers? 

Tell me more about that ecological diaper.

So reusable cloth diapers are easy to use, you can only use part-time or full-time.

You choose the diapers you like the most and when to use.

alguns tipos de fraldas reutilizáveis

And the types of diapers?

There are some types of reusable diapers.

You can like one or several and you can only be sure after trying the ones that make sense for your everyday life.

Do you know the different types of diapers that exist, choose some - the ones you imagine in your everyday life - and experience.

You only need 2-3 diapers for to start.

What are the types of diapers?

Reusable diapers are easy to use

I've been in your place. The fact that it is something that few support was my biggest fear.

Washing clothes and removing stains is not for me.

Diapers are washed by the machine, not you! That simple.

And for the rest? Escapes? I help you to have an easy method so you can do this without fear.
Click the button to learn how reusable diapers work.

Cloth diaper liners

Liners make your life easier when using cloth nappies, especially when out... 


You can use different inserts in your diaper to increase the absorbency... 

And the wipes?

There are also reusable wipes!

There are wipes in various fabrics: cotton, bamboo, flannel.

The big advantage is that they clean better than the disposable ones and avoid thousands of disposable wipes that always end up in the oceans or clogging the canalizations of the cities.

View reusable wipes
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  • Do you have free shipping?

    Of course! To find out the order values that allow free shipping to Portugal and Europe peek here.

  • Wasn't it what you expected? Does not fit?

    you can give back or exchange items in your order within 14 days. Conditions and details here.

  • Are payments secure?

    Always! We use certificates SSL to ensure the security of personal and payment data.

  • Can I visit the store?

    Meekbum is an online store and although we like it, we don't have the conditions in the warehouse to receive visits.

  • How can I ask for help?

    By email, directly on the site messenger or on social networks. Here you have all our contacts.