About Us

I know perfectly well how you feel: with doubts, fear and without support.

It's normal.

This world of natural diapers is haunted by the experiences of past generations - who did not have the current technology - and for the unfamiliarity, the result of the opinions of people who have never used modern reusable diapers that you can find in this online store.

Things have changed since your parents used the traditional square cotton diapers and those stiff white plastic underpants they wore so as not to get their clothes wet. Now, the fabrics are beautiful, modern, soft, breathable... Did I mention that the fabrics are beautiful?

Of course, having beautiful diapers is not enough to motivate you to enter this world, so I want to talk about its benefits.

Benefits of using modern reusable diapers

You know exactly what is in constant contact with your baby's bottom 

Especially during its first three years of life. You will only use fabrics of your choice. If you use disposable diapers, your baby's bottom will be in permanent contact with an endless list of harmful chemicals;

Cloth diapers are fresh

Current fabrics are modern and breathable. As they allow air circulation inside the diaper, the temperature of this delicate area of ​​the body is 4-5 ºC cooler than when using disposable diapers;
The temperature inside the diaper is important because it has an impact on your baby's health in the short and long term, to the point that, by being cooler, they manage to protect fertility in boys and prevent vaginal infections in girls.

You avoid 1 ton of non-biodegradable waste.

It's inevitable, your baby will wear 8-9 diapers a day for 2.5 to 3 years. This is equivalent to 9000 disposable diapers and each one takes 500 years to decompose. It's a ton of garbage that is not absorbed by nature;


What if I tell you that you can save money to go on vacation?

Disposable nappies cost more than €700 a year. While, washing cloth diapers costs €100-120 per year.

The fact that it saves money and that modern reusable nappies are fresh were the main reasons for me.

Do you need any more advantages to decide to use reusable diapers?

If you are still not convinced, this is one more benefit: diaper dermatitis and skin inflammations in the diaper area are the result of high temperatures and chemicals that strip the skin of its natural moisture. With reusable cloth nappies, the natural moisture of the skin is maintained in a natural way, preventing dermatitis and diaper rash.


I'll tell you our story...

Behind Meekbum you find a family, we are small and we are proud of it.

My name is Sonia, and Renny and I have this project since 2012.

To be honest, before I got pregnant, I didn't even look at these eco-friendly topics with a penchant for the hippie. But when you get pregnant something changes. You automatically feel responsible for a living being and the way you see what surrounds you changes naturally.

We hippies have nothing, we are two software developers and we have an eco-friendly online store. What a beautiful mistletoe, right?

I could lie to you, but the truth is My beginning in the world of modern cloth diapers was not easy.. It was a lot confusing, no information, many different opinions and, lack of support.

To help, do you know what happened when we brought our newborn baby home from the maternity ward and started using our beautiful cloth diapers? Escapes!! We had leaks with every diaper change.

We overcame that small inconvenience and others appeared: bad smells, nocturnal breakouts, atopic skin, etc. All of these situations are normal for anyone who has a baby, regardless of the type of diaper they use.

From those days until today, we have accumulated many flight hours in research, investigation, and testing. We overcame each of the problems that appeared (leaks, fungus, clogging, atopic skin, etc..) thanks to the creativity and information we accumulated.

It was precisely andIt was this experience that inspired us to create this project.. Just like that, we can help families like yours to take a different path from ours: safe, simple and with the tools to overcome the inconveniences that may arise over time.

Do you want to make the way with us?

On this page you will find all the information you need to use your reusable nappies successfully:

  • No site you have complete and unbiased information,
  • No blog find content and tips for common problems;
  • Also, in the newsletter where every week we send tips and content on diapers and other ecological topics and products;


What makes Meekbum different?

Our way of working with you and with whom we work 🙂

  • We tried all the articles that we sell and validate the functioning and quality. Only then can we be sure that you are receiving a product that meets its characteristics;
  • Are official retailers of all the brands we work with;
  • Re-use of resources is our priorityand: if you have old diapers, use them and buy only what you need;
  • If you already have purchased diapers and noyou can't use it, hire our help service, our goal is for you to use your nappies successfully.
  • all brands that you can find in our store thave certifications that guarantee the safety of your baby and they have no harmful chemicals for their health or yours;
  • Most important of all, we are human beings, and that's why we only work with brands that do not engage in human exploitation in their production chain and who ensure that the entire sales chain (brand – manufacturing – and retail) is fairly remunerated.