Black Friday Discounts on reusable diapers in Portugal

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FAQs about Black Friday

When is Black Friday from the reusable diapers?

When is Black Friday in 2023?

Black Friday it always happens around midnight on Thanksgiving Day, which is not a public holiday in Portugal, but Black Friday promotions have been part of our culture for a few years now.

This year, Black Friday is the 24th of November 2023.

In other words, sometime around the end of November, Meekbum usually offers discounts on diapers for your baby, which only happen twice during the year. One in November, on Black Friday, and another in April, around Nappy Week.

And when you sign up for our VIP list you will receive all the discounts in time to plan them and also free information to use your reusable nappies successfully, that is, without stress, without leaks and without bad smells.

On this page you will also find the discounts and conditions of the Black Friday promotion on reusable cloth diapers that Meekbum will have active.

When is Cyber Monday 2023?

This year, Cyber Monday is November 27, 2023.

The promotions of Black Friday usually end this day, but it is not always possible.

The best thing is to get on the VIP list to find out everything in time and so be able to organize your shopping smoothly.

Tips for a stress-free Black Friday

There is nothing more stressful than walking date those diapers that you want and need so much It is lose them for taking too long looking for them or finalize the order. As I know that many items sell out in minutes, I leave you with my tips.

Tips for a smooth Black Friday in three steps:

️️ 1. create your account in store for a quick checkout

️ 2. Add the articles in your cart, so that the moment the discounts become active, everything is ready

 3. After time, refresh to the page and finalize your purchase!

don't forget to make the payment of your orders at the time so that they are not cancelled.

Remember that the items in the shopping cart are not reserved and the first person to finalize the order is the one who gets them. 
So prepare yourself in time to get your order quickly.

What are the conditions of order at times of discounts?

Discounts are applied using a discount coupon and after applying it to the cart, you will be able to see the total with the discount.

Don't forget to pay when finalizing your order. A order waits for payment for 12hif we do not have confirmation or proof of your payment, the order will be canceled.

If you need to make any changes or prefer to send your order by email ( we will add a fee in the amount of €5 for manual processing/alteration costs.