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Bee’s Wrap

Wrap Sandwich Bee's Wrap

Wrap Sandwich Bee's Wrap

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The natural alternative to cling film for your food.

You can wrap cheese, lemon halves, a crispy bread, fruit, vegetables, among others.

Cover a bowl or pack snacks for your next adventure.

Made with organic cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin.

You Bee's wrap they are washable, reusable and affordable.

Bee's Wrap History

A Bee's wrap was started in 2012 by Sarah Kaeck, mother of two, who happens to be a good gardener, goat herder, chicken keeper and seamstress. A Bee's wrap It started with a question that many cooks and families ask: how to reduce the use of plastics in our kitchen, prioritizing our health and the sustainable storage of our food?

Sarah discovered a forgotten tradition. By fusing organic cotton with beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin, she has created a washable, reusable and contestable plastic film alternative.

How to use?

Use the warmth of your hands to shape the Bee's wrap around food, bowls, (cold) pans or plates. When the Bee's wrap cools down - in seconds - the seal is maintained. You can use your Bee's wrap with cheese, vegetables, bread, fruit, fresh herbs, among others. You Bee's wrap are not recommended with raw meat.

How to take care of your Bee's wrap?

Enough storage Bee's wrap in cold water with mild soap. Avoid heat sources like hot water and microwaves. Allow to dry, fold and store in a drawer or basket. Beeswax and jojoba oil provide anti-bacterial qualities that keep food fresh and allow you to use your Bee's wrap one and another time.

How long does Bee's wrap last?

With due care the Bee's wrap can last up to a year.

Do Bee's Wraps have a scent?
Yes. When you open your package of Bee's wrap for the first time you will feel the aroma of beeswax. The scent will disappear after the first few uses and washes, until you no longer feel it. The aroma changes according to the time of harvest. Beeswax contains the scent of the flowers where the bees collected the pollen. Most of us like the scent, but there are a few people who are more sensitive and they don't like it.

What is the best size according to my needs?

You Bee's wrap are available in various sizes. If you don't know the products, we recommend that you buy the set of three sizes, which includes a small, a medium and a large. Try these out in your kitchen to determine which sizes are most useful for you.


Small 17.50x20cm

To pack half a lemon, the end of a cucumber, half an onion (O Bee's wrap won't drown out the smell), half an avocado, a small bowl, small carrots and other snacks.

Medium 25x27.50cm

To cover a bowl, half a sandwich, cheese, half a cabbage or half a melon.

Grande 33x35cm

To cover a large bowl, a plate of pie, celery, cheese, sandwiches, half a watermelon.

Bread 43x58cm

Ideal for wrapping bread, big enough for a loaf of sandwiches or artisan breads. This size is for covering dough while rising, a very large bowl. It also serves as a base for rolling out pasta, cookies or other foods.

Baguette 35.5x66cm

Perfect for storing fresh baguettes. This size is also good for storing celery stalks.

Sandes 33x33cm

Perfect for assembling your sandwich, wrapping it up and using it later as a table base. Also ideal size for cheese, snacks, muffins - the possibilities are endless!

  • GOTS certified organic cotton;
  • Beeswax sustainably sourced in the United States;
  • Organic Jojoba Oil;
  • Tree resin.

Made in the United States.

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