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Charlie Banana

Waterproof Bag for Charlie Banana Ball

Waterproof Bag for Charlie Banana Ball

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Do you have a place to put your dirty diapers after changing? Store your soiled reusable nappies in a dry aired bucket until washed. Never leave diapers unwashed for more than 2 or 3 days.

Waterproof bags help you store your dirty diapers until washing. Every time you change a dirty diaper, you put the poop in the toilet and the diaper goes into a bucket or bag. When it's time to wash the diapers, take the bag with everything to the machine. I like to open the bag right at the entrance to the machine, because when I push the bottom of the bag the diapers fall into the drum of the washing machine. In the end, all you have to do is put in the bag and the detergent.

This Charlie banana waterproof bag has a special feature, is that it has a side zipper that allows you to hold the bag upright while emptying the dirty reusable nappies in the washing machine.

Features of Charlie Banana bucket waterproof bag

  • Waterproof fabric to be able to use with or without a bucket; If you use a bucket, the waterproof fabric prevents you from having to wash it every time you wash your diapers;
  • It has wings to hang; You can hang the bag on the bathroom door, on the changing table or put it in a bucket. The handles also make it easy to transport to the washing machine;
  • There is a side clasp that facilitates the emptying of diapers in the washing machine;
  • has capacity for 3 days of diapers reusable, approximately 24 diapers;

How many waterproof bags do I need for my cloth diapers?

At least one size mini and one size medium. If you are going to wash your diapers every 2-3 you will need these bags:

  • do you need 2 waterproof bucket bags; To store dirty nappies at home, you can also opt for a hanging bag. These bags are always washed along with the diapers. That's why you need two, because one is always washing/drying;
  • do you need 2 medium size waterproof bags; The medium-sized bags allow you to take your diapers on the go or to nursery; You need two because while you use one bag the other will be being washed or dried;
  • do you need 1 mini size bag; In the mini bags you can take your reusable dry or wet wipes on a walk; If you use your wipes always wet, it's like having disposable wipes, that is, always ready to use. Remember that as they are always damp, you always have to wash them regularly whether they are used or not. This means that every 3 days at the most you will put your wet wipes to wash along with the diapers.

What do I get when I buy the Charlie Banana Reusable Diaper Pail Bag?

By buying this item you are buying (1) saco Charlie Banana in the chosen color.

What is the fabric of the Charlie Banana reusable waterproof bag?

  • 100% polyester laminated with PUL;

Produced from China.

How to wash the waterproof bag for reusable diapers?

Before washing, refer to the manufacturer's washing instructions.

  1. Cold rinse;
  2. Wash in lukewarm water at a maximum of 40°C. Add the recommended amount of detergent for the size of the laundry load;
  3. Cold rinse;
  4. You can tumble dry at low temperature or hang directly in the sun.

Note: If the diaper is made with natural fabrics and it only reaches its maximum absorption capacity after washing and drying it 3-5 times.

Washing Care

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