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Diaper All in One Newborn Grovia

Diaper All in One Newborn Grovia

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Grovia's newborn diaper was designed to meet the specific needs of newborns. a diaper Newborn size with little volume, soft fabric and spring to protect the navel.

You will notice that this diaper has two versions. The let's say "normal" version and the Buttah version. The Buttah version is so smooth it reminds me of butter melting on warm toast. This range is made with a velvet exterior and is as the saying goes Grovia it feels.... well....just "like buttah".

The inside of the range Buttah is the same as the "normal" model. And, the only difference is that the outer TPU waterproof film has been changed to a velvet laminate.
How to describe this fabric? Shiny, padded and possibly the softest fabric you've ever touched.

What are the features of Grovia Newborn Size All-in-One Diaper

Grovia's AIO diaper or one size fits all newborn size is special, small but big enough to fit up to 3-4 months of age takes into account the needs that a newborn baby requires:

  • adjustable size for: 2.2-6.8kg;
  • molinha to get the diaper down and protect the navel of the newborn;
  • Integrated absorbent tongue-shaped for quick drying;
  • fleece is too much suave;
  • No cover needed;

What do I get when I buy Grovia's all in one newborn diaper?

When you buy this item you will receive 1 Grovia Diaper All in One Newborn in the chosen color

What are the fabrics and materials of the Grovia all-in-one diaper?

  • Interior: 55% hemp/45% cotton sewn pad covered with 100% polyester microfleece;
  • Inner coverage: 100% polyester microfleece;
  • Inner layers: 55% hemp/45% cotton;
  • Exterior: 100% waterproof TPU polyester.

Item ethically made in China.

How to use Grovia's all-in-one diaper?

  • If necessary, close the springs in height to protect the baby's navel;
  • Put the diaper on the baby and adjust the waist clips;
  • When it gets dirty, replace it with a clean one.

How to wash all-in-one reusable diapers?

Removing the baby's diaper removes as much feces as possible and removing the pads before placing them in the bucket. The bucket must be ventilated and dry until the diapers are washed. Don't forget to wash your diapers every 2 days in summer and 3 in winter.

Wash at least 5-6 times before first use to remove natural oils found in natural fabrics. The diaper will continue to increase its absorbency with each wash.

Please check the manufacturer's label before washing the diapers.

  • Remove solids before washing;
  • Wash every 2-3 days in warm soapy water.
  • Machine dry at low temperature;
  • Do not use bleach, additives or fabric softeners.

Washing Care

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Customer Reviews

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Joana Sardo
Já era fã!

A paixão foi tão grande que comprei agora para o meu recém-nascido. Assentam super bem nele e costumo utilizar durante o dia, tem boa absorção.