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ECO ManyMonths Cap

ECO ManyMonths Cap

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The ECO hat from ManyMonths Star (star) or High life (lace) version - similar to the brand's wool hat but at a lower price. The hat is made from a elastic cotton layer, the tapes in foldable organic cotton for adjust to baby size. Keeps baby's head protected in cold weather, while protecting from sun and wind. AND breathable It is light, very comfortable and easy to wear! the baby can dress it alone.

the hat grows with your baby, adapting month by month and year by year. This hat puts aside the size restriction of the textile industry.


  • Charmer/explorer: 3-12/18 months - 62-80/86cm
  • Adventurer/Conqueror: 1-4.5/5 years - 80-104/110cm
  • Explorer: 6-12/18 months - 68-80/86cm
  • Adventurer: 1-2/2.5 years - 80-92/98cm
  • 100% organic cotton stripes;
  • Elastic fabric: 95% cotton +5% elastane.

ManyMonthns does not use chemical insulators as they are harmful to humans and the environment.

Produced under GOTS certification in China under fair working conditions, ethical and ecological values.

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