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Medium Waterproof Bag with Popolini Network Pocket

Medium Waterproof Bag with Popolini Network Pocket

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Are reusable diapers for a day out a problem for you? This one waterproof bag and Popolini this problem will be solved! small and practical to always be with you next to your baby's clean nappies, or to take to your grandparents' house for a day. And you can still use mesh pocket forward to put the wipes clean or the lining for diaper changing. All the simplicity you need to have a restful day!

What are the features of this Popolini waterproof bag?

Whether it's for a day out or a day at daycare, this waterproof bag will simplify your life with reusable nappies.

  • there is one strap you can use to hang the bag wherever suits you best - in a stroller for a walk, in a doorway at grandparents or uncles' house, ...
  • The bag closes both pockets with a zipper;
  • O main pocket is waterproof and does not let liquids or smells pass outside;
  • O outside pocket is mesh and not waterproof. You can use it to store clean wipes or diapers;
  • Size: 31x38cm (approx.), you can fit 3-4 diapers;
  • machine washable and you can wash it with the diapers.

What do I get when I buy this diaper bag?

By purchasing this item, you are purchasing One (1) Popolini Waterproof Mesh Pocket Bag.

Each of these waterproof bags from Popolini it's composed by:

  • One (1) waterproof bag sized 31x38cm (approx) with outer mesh pocket

What is the material of this Popolini bag?

  • Exterior: 100% polyester with waterproof PUL coating
  • Net: 100% polyester

How to wash a diaper bag?

Always check the manufacturer's label before washing your bag. Popolini .

  • You can wash it together with your diapers or separately;
  • Wash every 2-3 days at 40ºC - 60ºC in your washing machine with detergent for heavily soiled clothes;
  • You can tumble dry at low temperature;
  • Do not dry clean;
  • Do not iron;
  • Do not use bleach, additives or softeners.

Washing Care

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