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Detergent in Concentrated Powder SA8TM PREMIUM AmwayTM

Detergent in Concentrated Powder SA8TM PREMIUM AmwayTM

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  • 1kg or 3kg depending on the option selected.
  • Measuring spoon.


Amway's top selling detergent includes the exclusive bioquest formula based on active oxygen and bio enzymes. Providing quality cleaning and safe stain removal that customers love and expect, it is now even more sustainable than ever before. One 3 kg carton of SA8 PREMIUM Concentrated Laundry Detergent Powder washes up to 10 800 socks, enough to cover up to 3 km if laid out on the floor one after the other!

This detergent is not specific for cloth diapers, but it has all the features a detergent needs: it cleans thoroughly and leaves no residue. This prevents diapers from becoming clogged over time.

When ordering from a supplier
Average delivery time 5 days.

  • 15-30%: non-ionic surfactants;
  • 5-15%: oxygen bleaching agent, Polycarboxylate;
  • < 5%: Phosphates.
  • A unique combination of bioenzymes, biodegradable cleaning ingredients, natural water softener and a whitening additive that together effectively remove stubborn dirt and stains.
  • Softener from natural sources improves cleaning performance.
  • All temperatures (30°C – 95°C).
  • Active oxygen bleach removes stains from clothes making them whiter and brighter.
  • Formula that does not leave residues that irritate sensitive skin.
  • Contains Sodium Silicate which inhibits corrosion of metal such as fasteners.
  • Excellent dissolving capacity that helps to provide greater cleaning power by attacking dirt and difficult stains such as egg, blood, grass.
  • Concentrated to maximize cleaning results and minimize damage to the environment.
  • Dermatological and alergologically tested.
  • Safe on septic systems.
  • Lightly fragranced with a citrus scent that contains essential oils.
  • Sort clothes by color, fabric and amount of soil.
  • Avoid overfilling the machine.
  • Choose the water temperature. For best results use the recommended water temperature for your chosen wash cycle.
  • This detergent contains active oxygen bleach so it is not necessary to use bleach.
  • The following usage table shows recommended dosage levels depending on the type of water and level of soiling on the fabrics. Use recommended usage amount for best results.

To wash the diapers, you can use 30ml, if necessary, increase the amount to 45ml.

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