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Sensual Intim

Eureka Menstrual Cup! Cup® Classic Sensual Intima

Eureka Menstrual Cup! Cup® Classic Sensual Intima

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The menstrual cup that is friendly to your pelvic floor. And why is this important? Because when you're looking for a menstrual cup to convert your period into an ecological cycle without waste and you don't know where to start, everyone tells you about the amount of flow but few pay attention to the condition of your pelvic floor.


Review Eureka! Cup ® Classic da Sonia.
I can tell you that I have a sensitive pelvic floor and use the cups Intimate Sensuality make all the difference to my comfort during my menstrual cycle. What I like the most is the smoothness, when I insert the cup I can easily see that it opens and it's the only cup I've been able to use without leaks the first time.

If you have a lot of flow that forces you to remove the cup several times a day, take a look at the Eureka! Cup which differs from others on the market because you don't need to remove it completely to empty it.

What are the features of the Sensual Intim Classic menstrual cups?

  • easy to introduce; The glass Eureka! Cup ® Classic it's so soft and flexible that it adapts to the shape of your vagina while protecting your pelvic floor.
  • smooth when withdrawing; The vacuum this cup makes is gentle and doesn't put pressure on your pelvic floor when removing.
  • Safe, respecting the vaginal flora; Made from 100% medical silicone, hypoallergenic and toxin free;
  • Resistant, if you use it carefully, your menstrual cup can last up to 10 years;
  • Available in three sizes: S, M/L and XL.

como inserir um copo menstrual

How to choose the right menstrual cup for me?

To choose your cup size it is important that you know your pelvic health. When choosing a glass, you should consider the following:

  • When you laugh, cough, sneeze or strain, you leak urine.
  • You feel like going to the bathroom many times during the day and during the night.
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm.
  • Pain during penetration.

If so, your pelvic floor may be weakened. Talk to your doctor if you have concerns.

Eureka! Cup Classic Size S (Small) - Ideal for slightly weakened pelvic floor. Its flexibility allows a better adaptation to the vagina.

Eureka! Cup Classic Size M/L (Medium) - Recommended for wide vagina, weakened pelvic floor or for anyone who has had a vaginal birth.

Eureka! Cup Classic Size XL (Large) - For wide vagina or with very weak pelvic floor. Or for those who have already had a vaginal birth and have not adapted to the M/L size

o que ter em conta para escolher um copo menstrual

If you need help choosing the size, you can send an email to so we can help you.

What do I get when I buy the Eureka! Cup Classic?

When you buy this menstrual cup, you are buying one (1) Menstrual Cup Eureka! Cup Classic by Sensual Intim in the size chosen by you.

Each Menstrual Cup Intimate Sensuality it's composed by:

  • One (1) menstrual cup Eureka!cup Classic in the chosen size
  • one (1) cotton bag to store your cup
  • one (1) pamphlet with instructions for using and caring for your menstrual cup

What are the materials of this classic menstrual cup by Sensual Intim?

  • 100% medical silicone.

How to use eureka!cup's innovative menstrual cup?

Check the flyer that came with your eureka!cup.

Always handle your menstrual cup with clean hands. On first use, sterilize the eureka!cup for 4 minutes.


  1. Fold the rim of the cup from one of the 4 marks towards the center to form a C or V. For many women, this is the easiest way to fit the cup, but you have to experiment and adjust what works best for you, as each woman and every body is different.
  2. Gently insert the cup, angling it towards the base of the column. When the cup is placed inside the vagina, it will open and create a gentle vacuum. This vacuum prevents leaks, so make sure the cup is in the right place using your finger. Adjust if necessary. The first few times you use the cup, take your time and take your time to get comfortable.
  3. With your fingers, also insert the tube next to the glass so that it is completely vertical. The cup will be sealed and you can use it safely.


  1. empties the eureka!cup at least once every 8-12 hours. You may need to empty it first, depending on your flow.
  2. Always wash your hands before handling your glass.
  3. With clean hands, empty the glass as indicated above. Once emptied, pull gently until you reach the base. Press the base of the cup to remove the vacuum and remove it. You may need to use your pelvic muscles to help bring the cup down. They are the muscles you use to stop peeing, but they are used for many other things!
  4. Empty, wash the glass with neutral soap and warm water and put it back.

How should I take care of my menstrual cup?

Carefully read the manufacturer's instructions that come with your eureka!cup and Intimate Sensuality.

  • sterilize your eureka!cup at least before and at the end of each period. you can use the Sterilizer in the microwave or a small pot of water;
  • If you prefer, you can use a neutral soap. Never use strong or perfumed cleaning agents;
  • Always keep your menstrual cup inside the bag so it can breathe. Never store in an airtight container;

Washing Care

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