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Saco Silicone Grande Stasher

Saco Silicone Grande Stasher

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The bag Stasher is made of 100% platinum silicone, meets FDA and EU standards for products in contact with food. Contains no PVC / latex, petroleum or other by-products. Perfect for use in the microwave and for vacuum cooking. It counteracts bacterial growth. Innovative zipper is air resistant. With the erasable markers notes can be made in the Stasher bag. Ideal for storing food, taking it on trips, taking it to school, etc. Can be used more than 3000x. Recyclable.

How to use?

To close: Remove unnecessary air and close the zipper securely.

In the microwave: Leave the lid open!!

Cleaning: with water and detergent or in the dishwasher, in the upper basket.


  • Stasher snack: 17.50x20cm
  • Stasher bag: 18x19cm

It can store a sandwich, about 10 cereal bars or those objects that you have loose in the kitchen drawer.

  • Stasher bag grande: 21.5x26cm


When using heat: handle carefully to avoid burns. Keep the zipper open when using in the microwave. Clean after use to avoid staining. Sharp objects can damage the Stasher bag.

  • 100% platinum silicone.

Designed in the United States and produced responsibly and ethically in China.

Washing Care

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