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Disana Disposable Liners

Disana Disposable Liners

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If you don't want to deal with the "complicated" part of changing a cloth diaper, you need a paper liner. When your baby poops, you just have to remove the paper and put it in the trash or in the toilet. As simple as that: in a second, the complicated part is solved.

What are the features of Disana diaper paper liners?

The paper lining of There they are made from wood pulp, which is a paper highly resistant. As it is made from cellulose, you can put it directly in the toilet.

These liners are soft, ideal for babies with very delicate skin.

You can only use this lining once. If you want to reuse the linings, take a look at the reusable (you can reuse many times) or the disposable (you can use 3-5 times).

What do you get when you buy these Disana paper liners?

By buying this item you are buying One (1) roll of Disana paper liners.

Each pack of paper liners from There it's composed by:

  • one hundred (100) sheets - lining - of paper with the size 36x16cm (approx.)

What is the material of Disana diaper paper liners?

  • Wood pulp cellulose.

Washing Care

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