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body iobio extender

body iobio extender

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Babies are always growing and it seems that clothes shrink ;) A bodysuit extender allows you to wear your favorite bodysuit on your baby for longer.

Features of baby bodysuit extender youth

  • Allows adjust body size, lengthening its usage time;
  • You can eventually put on more than one piece to adjust the size (the extenders hold each other)
  • Ideal for use with cloth diapers to prevent compression leaks;
  • Size do extensor: 7.5x5cm
  • The size of the iobio springs is standard: the radius of each of the springs is 0.8cm (approx.) and they are spaced about 5cm apart;

What do you get when you buy the bodysuit extender?

By buying this item you are buying a pack with 3 body iobio extenders.

Is the iobio body extender compatible with my baby's bodysuits?

You can use it with your bodysuits but be aware that the width of the extenders is slightly larger than the bodysuits of other brands. They are compatible with iobio bodies.

For reference, measure the distance between the two springs of your bodysuit, if it is less than 7.5cm it may be compatible.

What is the fabric of body iobio extenders?

The thermal ones youth are composed of 100% organic cotton and the springs are nickel free, fabrics with GOTS certification.

How and when to use the baby body extender?

When your bodysuits start to get too tight, you can increase their size by using an extender.

washing instructions

Validate package instructions before washing.

  • To wash machine up to 40ºC;

Mom tip :)

With how quickly babies grow evolutionary clothing or extenders are perfect alliess. You can increase the wear time of the garments with a simple bodysuit extender that is economical and allows you to wear that perfect bodysuit for a couple more months. Perfect for iobio bobies, so you can wear your favorite wool bodysuit on your baby for a long time.

Washing Care

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