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Planet Wise

Planet Wise Medium Double Waterproof Bag

Planet Wise Medium Double Waterproof Bag

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Taking your cloth diapers on the street is easy, you just need to take a waterproof bag for storing dirty cloth diapers.

In this Planet Wise bag fit 8-9 diapers, that is, you can use it for a whole day.

A waterproof/dry bag has two pockets. one to keep dry objects and other waterproof to store wet objects. These bags are great for taking clean clothes in the dry bag and then putting them on the "wet" side. That's exactly what you're thinking, to send it to the nursery is ideal and to avoid the educators sending you every dirty seedling in a plastic bag.

Planet Wise, in addition to creating beautiful patterns, is the only brand on the market that has sealed seams and does not let liquids pass through the outside of the bag.

Features of the Planet Wise Medium Waterproof/Dry Diaper Bag

Using a reusable bag avoids using plastic bags and this simple detail helps you protect the planet:

  • Anti-microbial fabric with hidden and innovative seams; This bag seals out liquids like nothing else does.
  • High quality fabrics and matching waterproof layer;
  • PVC free;
  • The clasp does not open by itself;
  • Contains the smells;
  • Can be machine washed and dried;
  • Made in USA

Use: When using the bag for outings, as long as it doesn't get dirty with "solids", you can reuse the bag several times before washing it. Just let it air out and wipe it with a damp cloth.

About Planet Wise Special Seams

Most waterproof fabrics, when they are sewn together, leave tiny holes in the fabric which causes the liquid to leak out over time. After much research, Planet Wise Inc found a way to seal the seams so that no liquid leaks through the seams. And it is this seam that the brand uses in all waterproof bags.

Planet Wise bag sizes wet/dry version

  • Travel: 24 x 11.4 cm. Ideal for make-up, creams, sunscreen, glasses, wipes, as a pencil case, to put on reusable pads, etc.
  • Clutch: 28 x 19 cm. Ideal for carrying a change of diapers or clothes. It's fantastic to take on a trip as a toiletry bag.
  • Medium: 31.75 x 39.4 cm. Approx. 8-9 diapers. Ideal for nursery, you can put clean clothes in the dry bag and dirty diapers in the waterproof bag.
  • Large: 43 x 53 cm. Approx. 20-24 diapers. Great for long trips or to replace your diaper pail.

What do you get when you buy the Planet Wise reusable cloth diaper bag?

When you buy, you get a (1) Planet Wise medium size waterproof/dry bag in the chosen color.

What is the fabric of Planet Wise reusable bags?

The fabric is PUL, which is a waterproof fabric.

Planet wise bags are manufactured in the United States.

How to wash the waterproof bag?

You can wash your waterproof bag together with your cloth nappies:

  • Machine wash in warm water;
  • You can use a tumble dryer at low temperatures;
  • Do not use bleach or additives.

Always check the manufacturer's instructions.

Washing Care

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